Monday, September 28, 2009

Sometimes I... wear makeup?

I could probably count on one hand the times I've worn makeup. I don't mean like Halloween or Zombie Pub Crawl caked-on and covered in blood makeup. I've done that sort of thing many times. I mean like, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, mascara. I've pretty well failed in that department. Growing up with a crazy punk rock mom who does hair, nails and makeup pushes you in different directions and/or spoils you, I guess.

I never had to worry about paying to get my hair cut or dyed until recently. I've always been a nail biter (even my toe nails when I was a baby, apparently). And I've avoided makeup like the plague. Not sure why. It's just mostly never really felt natural to me. Before dances in jr. high and high school my mom would do my hair, 'tsk-tsk' at my nails, and then attack me with the blush brush and nearly poke my eyes out with the mascara wand. And then people would ask if I had on fake lashes (my eyelashes are naturally insanely long and always getting tangled together) and I felt like an impostor. It's not that I was so 'butch' that it didn't fit- I had long hair and sometimes wore long skirts, but I was more of a... of an androgynous, tomboy type. Sometimes I did my hair and wore lip gloss. My short nails were usually polished different weird colors. I almost always had glitter on my face (and in my hair...) I always had on pins, necklaces and all manner of 'accessories'. Doing the whole face makeup thing didn't do it for me.

So this weekend my friends had a Rock Star party to celebrate a few birthdays. The plan came about from wanting to wear a lot of eyeliner, drink beer and play Rockband. Everyone was to come dressed as their favorite rock star (or a generic one, if you couldn't think of anything.) There was no way I was pulling off Tegan (or Sara) or Amanda Fucking Palmer. Especially not with my new red-brown mohawk. So I asked for suggestions. And was told Annie Lennox, Sid Vicious or Flea. Not too helpful, although Annie Lennox wasn't far from doable. So I started looking at pictures of her and of 80s stuff and glam makeup. And then Adam Lambert (aka Glambert) popped into my head. Hrm. I was on to something. I could do 80s glam eye makeup. I had collared shirts and ties (and a tshirt that looks like a collared shirt and tie) and black pants. So I dreamt up this hybrid bastard glam-baby called Annie Glambert and went to Target to buy blush and charcoal eyeshadow. I already had a nice eyeliner and mascara (I think from Halloween?) And I think I did a decent job, especially considering I've never really applied my own eye makeup. And I did it in one try. But the camera flash seems to have washed out my face in the pictures. Trust me, I had on more makeup that it seems. I was glam-tabulous.

(click any to enlarge)
Pre 'outfit'... I think it's the flash that made me sort of blink and look like I was already drunk. I wasn't. I had zero drinks at that point:

I wore the tshirt that has a graphic tie, black pants and a black hoodie. My nails were also painted black.

btw- I dyed my hair myself, and my mom and I did my original mohawk, but Monica at Milios cut and trimmed and shaped it in nicely for me this past Friday (day before the party) and it is an excellent haircut!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Aight folks, enough talk about my hair and illnesses, we got some serious bidness to attend to! (no, really, I promise, ixnay on the airhay) As you know I intern over at the faboosh 'girl-on-girl culture' website, Autostraddle. We are just a fledgling site, but we are about to molt our last baby feathers with a brilliant redesign! And to help us get the word out there, we need your help. We need your support. Aaaand we need your cash. But we wouldn't just ask you for money without making it fun and worthwhile, would we? Even though helping out the awesome site IS a very worthwhile cause. So:

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"In addition to the standard operating funds to function as is, Autostraddle presently requires the full-time work of a four-person core management team as well as the assistance of our seven contributing writers, photographer and editors and our 15-strong intrepid intern army."

So please consider supporting Autostraddle (and all Independent Media, really!) by donating and getting a raffle entry! It will be worth it. Then you should stick around and look at the all the pictures of Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore being adorable together. And Lady Gaga wearing things that aren't clothes. If you haven't looked at them already, of course! :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm baaack

I have returned from the land of respiratory ailments AND I got my hair recut. And I dyed it. I probs used a tad too much 30 volume peroxide and red dye in the 'mahogany'... but I like it overall nonetheless! :D

SO this is what my hair looked like back in June. About 2 weeks before I chopped it off for charity and then got an #alternativelifestylehaircut:

This is what my haircut first looked like on July 6th:

This is what my hair looked like on August 10th (how it looked when I left it sort of down):

This is how my hair looked on August 27th, with it all up and 'spikey':

And this is how it looks now today:

It still needs to be trimmed in a bit and refined (on Tuesday before class, if my mom is up to it) but overall I rather enjoy it. And I can't wait until it grows out a little more in the back so you can actually see the full mohawk! ;)