Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Oh man. With Tumblr and Twitter and life I have dropped this blog ball, haven't I. Let me catch you up and rectify this sitch.

I sent in my grad school application. It was scary and a lot of work. Also, I went to a meeting at the school and I learned that they are only accepting 7-8 students in the fall for the MFA Graphic Design program. My chances of getting in got even slimmer if you consider that my entire portfolio is academic- I have no profession design experience, unless you count the few funny graphics I made for Autostraddle (no, I didn't put those in my portfolio.)[edit: there were 30ish applicants for the 7 spots and I did not end up getting in to the program]

My non-credit online class started today. It's CSS/XHTML. It seems pretty boring. But I need to learn some webcoding if I want to design for the internet. Also, I want to built my own Tumblr theme ;)

I'm still interning at Autostraddle. With our redesign and restructuring and all that my title has gone from 'intern' to 'Team Tech Intern, Team Viral/Social/Online Community Assistant and Team Transcribe Intern' so that's all fun and cool.

On Sunday I'm FINALLY going to some roller derby!! It's the Windy City Rollers second home bout of the 6th season. I've been trying to go since roughly season 2 and it's finally happening! And since Chicago has two flat track derby leagues (The Chicago Outfit is the other) all I can say is, it's about time.

I have a little money so I'm talking to my tattoo artist about finally doing the color and shading on my Ganesh piece (tattoo #17) this spring. I also want to pierce my other tragus and maybe gauge the first piercing in each earlobe. We shall see.

My little sisters turn 21 in a week. Eeek.

I made these.
This was requested of me by Jordan who hears the yogurt commercial and thinks of Harry Potter.
This was originally an assignment that I redid and included in my grad school application portfolio. And I have some ideas for some Tegan & Sara pieces using lyrics.

I'm going to see Tegan & Sara next month. It will be my fourth time seeing them. My mom also turns 50 next month and we are having a big party. 50 is a bid deal, and when you add in how sick she has been, we really need to celebrate.

My friends and I went to Memphis about a week and a half ago and it was a disaster. 'Bad' weather shut the town down and we hardly got to do/see anything except eat, drink and somehow become part of some funny dudes bachelor party. We did get to go to Graceland on our last day, so there's that.

Right now I'm watching the Olympics and waiting for UPS to deliver my ukulele case. I actually learned a few more chords and can now almost play all of Hallelujah!! It's exciting because E Huli is the only other song I can really play:

E Huli from Elizabeth B. on Vimeo.

Other than that my life is pretty dull and simple. But hopefully that will change up some this year. Hopfully.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sometimes (on Saturdays?) I make 'art'

I took these pictures and then got all 'artsy' on them in Photoshop:

(yes that's me)

(I actually did very little to this photo)

(I love living across from a cemetery)

These are celeb photos that I did not take, but I have manipulated in Photoshop and/orIllustrator to make them fun, interesting, artsy, etc...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fail Friday

Has it really been over a month since I posted anything? Wow. I blame the end of the semester plus holidays plus another quarter/third- life crisis. I promise I'll get better. I started a tumblr in the meantime and I also had my first interview/article on Autostraddle which was extra awesome because it made the Westboro Baptist Church angry/hate on me! :) That equals win in my book.

Also, I made some funny graphics for a Britney Spears piece that Crystal did on Audiostraddle:

So much fun. You think I can put them in my portfolio...?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Feelings Friday

I wrote you a note-
It's been over 5 years, and I wasn't even there, but it's still so hard this time of year. Especially when, like this year, your birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day. I'm sorry I haven't been to the cemetery lately. Since I no longer work across the street, I don't get out there very often. Do you have your holiday garland? I hope so. Happy 25th birthday! Can you believe you'd be a quarter century old already? That birthday was so hard for me, and my grandmother died shortly after. You probably would have had a much easier time with it, just happy to be 25, to be older. The girls are going to be 21 in February and Justin turned 19 this summer. I feel so old. And also so alone. That's not your fault, it's mostly mine, I guess. In fact, if things had worked out differently, and you were still here, I probably still wouldn't be able to even talk to or see the girls. Strange how the world works, isn't it? I don't understand most of the time. I wish things were more simple. I miss you always and love you so much. That part is simple.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Themeless Thursday!

Update on my post themes:
Music Monday
Meatless Monday
Trans Tuesday
Tegan & Sara Tuesday
Writing Wednesday
Themeless Thursday (anything goes!)
Fun & Fantastical Free-For-All Friday (anything HAPPY goes!)
Sapphic/Same-Sex Saturday/Sunday


And on this Themeless Thursday I am going to share a little poem that I wrote earlier. It's called:

For My Mutual Internet Crush (You Know Who You Are)

Do I have a
new @reply?
(Click refresh!)
Roald Dahl
and celesbians?
I love them too!
(Click refresh!)
140 witty,
sweet characters
never affected
my heart so.
(Click refresh!)
A hopeless romantic?!
There aren't enough
of us anymore.
(Click refresh!)
Pining at the
computer... like
I didn't waste
enough time
here already...
(Click refresh!)
Oh well ;)