Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yikes! And, I hate (most prescription) drugs.

It's a good thing that I (mostly) prewrote those 4 posts before I was stricken with this plague Friday night, otherwise there still would be nothing new up here. You know, for the 2 or 3 of you who read this blog. It seems that the combination of illnesses going around, crazy weather and my allergies/asthma has sent my respiratory system into a tizzy (being around dogs, cats & cigarette smoke recently didn't help either, I'm sure). I have a slight chest/sinus infection along with horribly flared-up asthma. I finally went to the doctor on Monday afternoon when I had a 100+ temperature, lots of wheezing and non-stop coughing fits. I have an antibiotic (2 huge horse pills a day for 7 days!), prednisone (a steroid, which I HATE, also 2 pills a day, but for 5 of the longest days of my life!!), a renewed prescription for liquid albuterol for my nebulizer, and instructions to continue my allergy and asthma medication, rest and go back to the doctor if I don't see an improvement in 3-5 days. The antibiotic and prednisone are killing my stomach. But it seems to be slowly/maybe/sort of helping so I guess I should keep it up so I don't... die.

When I was younger and my allergies were out of control and my asthma was newly diagnosed, I was put on prednisone long-term. At a very high dose. The same dose that I am taking now as an adult. So starting at about 8 or 9, I was taking a full adult dosage of this drug, along with about 3 inhalers. And I was on it for a loooong time. And if you read the side effects and such or prednisone, it explains a lot about me:

increased blood sugar for diabetics
weight gain**
facial swelling
depression, mania, or other psychiatric symptoms**
unusual fatigue or weakness
mental confusion/indecisiveness**
blurred vision
abdominal pain**
peptic ulcer**
painful hips or shoulders
Steroid-induced osteoporosis
Long term migraines**
severe joint pain
black stool
stomach pain or bloating**
severe swelling
mouth sores or dry mouth
avascular necrosis

stretch marks**
increased appetite**
frequent urination**
removes intestinal flora
leg pain
sensitive teeth**

The list is from Wikipedia, I've starred the side effects that have affected or currently are affecting me. After a while at the Children's Hospital downtown, where I was prescribed all those drugs, we switched me to a children's asthma/allergy specialist. He freaked out when he saw the dosage of prednisone that I was on and had me stop taking it immediately.

"Adrenal suppression will occur if prednisone is taken for longer than 7 days. This will cause the body to lose the ability to synthesize natural corticosteroids, resulting in dependence on prednisone. For this reason, prednisone should not be abruptly stopped if taken for more than seven days, and instead, the dosage should be gradually reduced. This weaning process may be over a few days if the course of prednisone was short, but may take weeks or months if the patient had been on long-term treatment. Abrupt withdrawal may lead to an Addisonian crisis. For those on chronic therapy, alternate-day dosing may preserve adrenal function, thereby reducing side-effects." (also from Wikipedia, cited from "Therapeutic and Adverse Effects of Glucocorticoids", U.S. Pharmacist)

Basically, being on such a high dose of a steroid for such a long time at such a young age meant that I missed my last growth spurt and started to gain a lot of weight. Not to mention it added to my sleeping issues and stomach sensitivity. Add in the fact that my asthma is also partially weather/exercise induced, and that I still take a few different asthma medicines, these things are not (easily) overcome. Certainly I am never growing those last few inches (but if, at 27, I could, I'd take at least 2-3 more inches, please...). Weight loss doesn't really come easy, if it does at all. My sleeping patterns are always fucked up. I have acid reflux disease and a really sensitive stomach (and bowel, since I'm being so forthcoming here). I feel like when people look at me they see this short, fat girl who doesn't like to exercise and I want to be like BUT I WAS ON THIS AWFUL DRUG AND I HAVE REALLY BAD ALLERGIES AND ASTHMA AND IT'S RUINING MY LIFE. But if you scream strange things at people, they usually don't want to be your friend anyway.

I don't tolerate medication very well overall. I could never abuse drugs. Vicodin makes me itchy and queasy and twitchy and uncomfortable. I experience all the bad side effects of Nexium. Claritin gives me headaches. Zyrtec makes me almost narcoleptic. Allegra and Tylenol don't even do anything for me. Aspirin is bad for my stomach and asthma. Almost all antibiotics screw up my stomach. I'm just a mess. I'm not even sure where I am going with this anymore. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am ill and that prednisone is bad. In fact, I'm going to blame it for me not being able to concentrate on what I'm writing. I can't keep my train of thought right now so I'm going away.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mixtape Madness!

So I've wanted to do this ever since it was International Mixtape Day/Week back in June, but as we all know, I became teh uber blog slacker. We did a bit on Autostraddle - The Autostraddle Turntable: Celebrating International Mix Tape Day - where we all (The Team & Intern Army) submitted tracks for the theme The Future Is Bright. We (the Intern Army) also made a huge play list entitled The Autostraddle Intern Army Ninja Pirates Pillow Forts & Beer Pre-Party Party Tunes (I made the cover, see right) for our Pride Weekend trip to New York.

Starting in the 7th or 8th grade (~1993) I was all about making tapes for myself. I would sit there with my radio and a pile of blank cassettes. I became a whiz at using the pause button just right to not catch too much of the rambling djs between songs. I would put on B96 or Q101 and try and capture every song in a summer countdown. Sadly, most tapes that I made before... 1998? were lost or taped over. But, when helping to clean out my parents basement for a garage sale this summer, I found a pile from my junior and senior years (ages 15-17) in high school. They were mostly mixes made for playing in the yearbook office. It was also roughly that time that I started making myself mixed cds aptly titled things like Elli's Cool CD Volume # and Chick Music. I have a whole stack of these. I also made mixed cds for girl(s), but I ditched those play lists long ago. Probs for the best. But I thought it would be fun/ny to share the song lists with you now. Maybe it will make you a bit nostalgic and make you want to burn a mixed cd of your own! ;)

First, the tapes: (spelling, caps, etc. as written on tape)

"School Type Songs (youth, high school, growing up, etc.)"
Side 1

-Baz Lehrman, Everyone's Free to wear sunscreen
-Third Eye Blind, Graduate
-Van Halen, Hot for Teacher
-Green Apple Quick Step, Kid
-The Offspring, The Kids Aren't alright
-Creed, I'm eighteen
-Soul Asylum, School's Out
-Class of '99, Another Brick in the wall (part 2)
-The Muffs, Kids in America
-Adam Sandler, Lunchlady Land
-Adam Sandler, The Beating of a High School Janitor
-Adam Sandler, The Beating of a High School Science Teacher
-from The Sound of Music, Sixteen going on Seventeen
-Adam Sandler, The Beating of a High School Bus Driver
-Adam Sandler, The Beating of a High School Spanish Teacher
-from Grease, It's raining on Prom Night
-from Grease, Beauty School Dropout
Side 2
-from Grease, We go together
-Adam Sandler, The Cheerleader
-from Anastasia, At the Beginning
-Sixpence None the Ricer, Kiss Me
-from Saved by the Bell, School Song
-Save Ferris, Under 21
-The Saved by the Bell Theme Song
-from Bye Bye Birdie, Kids
-from Bye Bye Birdie, The Telephone Hour
-Shampoo, Trouble
-Silver Chair, Anthem for the year 2000
-The Coasters, Charlie Brown
-Brak's School Daze: Yearbook
-Brak's School Daze: Toothbrush
-Brak's School Daze: Trust a Monkey
-Brak's School Daze: Gym Class

What a winner, eh?

This is an earlier mix, nameless, but it was recorded over my step dad's Def Leppard tape...:
Side 1

-AT THE BEGINNING (Donna Lewis, Richard Marx)
-HYMN (Adiemus)
-Yeha-Noha, Wishes of Happiness & Prosperity (Sacred Spirits)
-Sadeness (Enigma)
-My Heart Will go on (Celine Dion)
-Hymn to the Sea (James Horner, conductor)
-Friends (Keep the Faith)
Side 2
-Castle On a Cloud (les Miserables)
-I dreamed a dream (Les Miserables)
-Think of Me (Phantom of the Opera)
-Angel of Music (Phantom of the Opera)
-The Phantom of the Opera (Phantom of the Opera)
-Can't Help Falling In Love (UB40)
-Joyful, Joyful (Sister Act II)
-Oh Happy Day (Sister Act II)

that one was clearly for relaxing...

"Rock and stuff from CD's"
Side 1

-Enter Sandman, Metallica
-Dancing Days, Stone Temple Pilots
-Down, 311
-Falls Apart, Sugar Ray
-The Chemicals Between Us, Bush
-Last Kiss, Pearl Jam
-Merman, Tori Amos
-Everything Is Wrong, Moby
Side 2
-Charles Big Potatoe, Skunk Anansie
-Human Behavior, Bjork
-My Own Prison, Creed
-All That I Need Is To Be Loved, Moby
-Volcano Girls, Veruca Salt
-Smart Dogs, Kula Shaker
-MC5, Stone Temple Pilots

That's right, potatoe.

"80's Baby!"
Side 1
-Like a Virgin, Madonna
-Video Killed the Radio Star, Pres of USA
-Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, Culture Club
-How Soon is Now?, The Smiths
-White Wedding, Billy Idol
-With or Without You, U2
-Material Girl, Madonna
-Blue Monday, New Order
-Mexican Radio, Wall of Voodoo
-Too Shy, Kajagoogoo
-Just Can't Get Enough, Depeche Mode
-I Want Candy, Bow Wow Wow
Side 2
-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper
-Manic Mondy, Bangles
-Walk Like an Egyptian, Bangles
-Papa Don't Preach, Madonna
-Blister in the Sun, Violent Femmes
-Blitzkrieg Bop, Ramones
-Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper
-Like A Prayer, Madonna
-Eternal Flame, Bangles
-You Spin Me Round, Dead or Alive
-Cherish, Madonna
-Lies, Violent Femmes
-I Wanna be Sedated, Ramones

I feel like there was some 70's in my 80's....?

Oh, here's a gem I found that's dated 2.15.96 which means I was just a couple months into age 14/halfway through Freshman year. It has no title. It doesn't need it:
(I didn't write the artists by the songs. But on the top I wrote, "Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Misc., Mighty Mighty Bosstones, 24-K (?), Bubblegum Classics, Bye-Bye Birdie, Silver chair")
Side 1
-My Friends
-Coffee Shop
-We only come out at night
-Where'd You go?
-Don't go there
-Spanish Rose
-Israels Son
-Pure massqere
Side 2
-I'm a Believer
-I think we're alone now
-Candy Sugar Shoppe
-Ding Dong The Witch is Dead
-I think I love you
-Knock 3 Times
-Judy in Disguise
-Codfish Ball
-Ragg Mopp
-Oo Babba Loo
-Halls of Desire
-Kids in America

That's right, I followed Kids' Songs with Tevin Campbell. I was a mix master!

There are 5 more tapes, but I'll spare you the full song lists. But I will give you the general titles:
1- "New Swing/Old Swing/New Big Band/Old Big Bang (Blues/ska)"
2- "Less Than Jake, Pennywise, Bif Naked, Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, etc."
3- "CD, punk, soundtracks, space Ghost, BNL, TMBG"
4- "Bree Sharp, Creed, Bjork, SP, cartoons, The Virgin Suicides"
5- no title/name but it was taped over an 8th grade B96 tape. Side 1 is Oasis and Beatles. Side 2 is comedy and songs from Friends and Reality Bites

I should have been a DJ.

The cds:
I really started making cds towards the end of Junior year, once I started working at the Des Plaines Public Library and could check out all manner of different cds for pretty much as long as I wanted.... There are 9 volumes of Elli's Cool Cd that span well into college. Then there was a slight overlap to when I started making Chick Music of which there are 5 volumes. As far as I can remember, the only qualification for the Chick Music cds was that the songs had to be sung by a female, whether she was a solo artist or the frontwoman to a band. That's it. Then there is Songs from and inspired by 'But I'm A Cheerleader' which is the only mix that is that specific. Old Skool Vol. 1, Old Skool Vol. 2 and 'New' Skool Rap, HipHop, R+B, etc. + A little Latin Flava have to be my favorite series, for the titles alone... And the last few are Sad Songs for Sad Times, Covers, Baby! and Funtastical! and yes the !!'s are part of the title... and I made all the covers by cutting things of of magazines.

I think I'll just share a small cross section of these songs lists. If any one you really want to know the playlist to a cd that I don't list here... first of all, why!? and secondly, just ask and I'll send it your way ;)

"Elli's Cool CD Volume 1"
1- Juliana Hatfield, Daniel
2- Pancho's Lament, The Truth About Romeo [the Jack & Jill Theme?]
3- Beatles, Hey Jude
4- Jessica Riddle-Jacobs, I Want You
5- Jessica Riddle-Jacobs, Even Angels Fall
6- Fiona Apple, Across The Universe
7- Jeremy Jordan, A Girl Named Happiness
8- Mazzy Star, Fade Into You
9- 10,000 Maniacs, More Than This
10- Charlie Biddle Trio, They All Laughed
11- Charlie Biddle Trio, Les Feuilles Mortes
12- Gwyenth Paltrow + Huey Lewis, Cruisin'
13- B*Witched, Hey Mickey
14- Christina Aguilera, Reflection
15- Dexter Freebish, Leaving Town
16- Nancy Sinatra, These Boots Are Made For Walking
17- Joan Armatrading, The Weakenss In Me
18- Atomic Kitten, See Ya

Oof, can you tell what movies I was watching a lot of when I made that one? (Bring It On, Never Been Kissed, The Whole Nine Yards, 10 Things I Hate About You...) My life is a soundtrack.

"Elli's Cool CD Volume 4"
1- Jennifer Love Hewitt, Barenaked
2- Scapegoat Wax, Space to Share
3- Skip James, Devil Got My Woman
4- David Bowie, Heroes
5- Mohammed Rafi, Jaan Pehechaan Ho
6- Rose Polenzani, Heaven Release Us
7- Marcus Krause, What About Gillian Anderson?
8- Eva Cassidy, Time After Time
9- Moonpools + Caterpillars, Hear
10- Jessica Riddle-Jacobs, Come Home To Me
11- David Bowie, The Man Who Sold The World
12- Superchic[k], One Girl Revolution
13- Leadbelly, Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Ok, yeah. In those songs I see... Gilmore Girls, Ghost World... and some Mary-Kate and Ashley movies. I'm sorry. But the songs are good.

"Elli's Cool CD Volume 8"
1- Cure, Friday I'm In Love
2- Tears For Fears, Mad World
3- Bjork & Thom Yorke, I Have Seen It All
4- Cake, The Distance (Live Acoustic)
5- Hoobastank, Crawling In The Dark
6- Bowling For Soup, The Bitch Song
7- Cher, It's In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)
8- Lou Reed, Walk On The Wild Side
9- Gavin Degraw, I Don't Wanna Be
10- Dead Milkmen, I Walk The Thinnest Line
11- Fatboy Slim, Weapon Of Choice
12- Gorillaz, Clint Eastwood
13- Damien Rice, Volcano
14- City High & Next Episode, What Would You Do
15- Jet, Are You Gonna Be My Girl
16- Ryan Adams, New York, New York
17- Loudon Wainwright III, Unhappy Anniversary [yep, Rufus Wainwright's dad]
18- Modest Mouse, Bukowski
19- They Might Be Giants- Boss Of Me
20- OK Go, Get Over It

"Chick Music Volume 2"
1- Jessica Riddle-Jacobs, Gone
2- Nelly Furtado, Legend
3- Leann Rimes, But I Do Love You
4- Stevie Nicks, Candlebright
5- Juliana Hatfield, Daniel
6- Sheryl Crow, Strong Enough
7- Leah Andreone, Happy Birthday
8- Rebecca Pidgeon, Kalerka [yeah, the actress, Mamet's wife]
9- Bree Sharp, Guttermouth
10- Tegan + Sara, Freedom
11- Hepburn, Sleeping Beauty
12- Bif Naked, Chotee
13- Chantal Kreviazuk, Green Apples
14- Mandy Moore, One Sided Love
15- Alicia Keys, Fallin'
16- Lisa Loeb, Stay
17- Lauren Hill, Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
18- Michelle Branch, All You Wanted
19- Sam Phillios, Where The Colors Don't Go
20- Raincoats, Pretty

"Chick Music Volume 4"
1- Ani DiFranco, Fuck You/Untouchable Face (Live)
2- Christina Aguilera, Beautiful
3- Diana Krall, Popsicle Toes
4- Donna Lewis, I Love You Always Forever
5- Donnas (Electrocutes), Get Rid Of That Girl
6- Eve & Gwen Stefani, Let Me Blow Ya Mind
7- Eve, Who's That Girl
8- Go-Go's, We Got The Beat
9- Joan Osborne, One Of Us (Acoustic)
10- Kasey Chambers, Not Pretty Enough
11- Katy Rose, Catch My Fall
12- Leann Rimes, But I Do Love You
13- Liz Phair, Polyester Bride (Live Acoustic)
14- Majandra Delfino, Hell And Bliss
15- Murmurs, Basically
16- Rose Polenzani, Fell
17- Shawn Colvin, Sunny Came Home
18- Stevie Nicks, Needles And Pins
19- T.a.T.u., All The Things She Said
20- That Dog, He's Kissing Christian

I think that one is the gayest mix of them all.

The 2 volumes of 'Old Skool' songs include stuff by Sukiyaki, Arrested Development, Boyz II Men, Coolio, Kriss Kross, Salt N Peppa, Snow, Cyress Hill, Easy E, NWA, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Snoop Doggy Dog, Tag Team, Technotronic, Tone Loc, Vanilla Ice and Young MC. Songs of my childhood, yo.

I'll leave you with this...

1- Asylum Street Spankers, Beer
2- Christy Carlson Romano, Chiquita Banana Song
3- Dead Milkmen, If you Love Someone Set Them On Fire
4- Queers, I Wanna Be A Homosexual
5- Rick James, Superfeak
6- Dixie Chicks, Sin Wagon
7- Eels, My Beloved Monster
8- Egghead., She's Coming Back
9- Eminem & D12, My Band
10- Strongbad, Techno Song
11- Loudon Wainwright III, Rufus Is A Tit Man
12- Liz Phair, Six Dick Pimp
13- Atari Teenage Riot, Sex Law Penetration
14- Megan Mullally & Sean Hayes, Uncle Jack Needs A New Pair Of Shoes
15- NERD, She Wants To Movie
16- Outkast, Land Of A Million Drums
17- Queers, Stupid Fucking Vegan
18- Rick James, She's A Brick House
19- Save Ferris, Saved By The Bell
20- Right Said Fred, I'm Too Sexy
21- Screaching Weasels, Cool Kids
22- Loudon Wainwright III, I Wish I Was A Lesbian

Saturday, August 22, 2009


So we did this thing, these stories, at Autostraddle recently about everyone's gayiversary and/or when people knew they were gay/lezzie/queer/bi/otherwise inclined ladies. For some people those are very different things. Some people had very touching stories, some had funny ones. It also seems that Angelina Jolie and/or Eliza Dushku are the main reason for many of us, myself included, discovering the fairer sex.

Here is where you can read the Autostraddle posts:
-“When I Knew I Was Gay” Roundtable Part 1: What Would Happen If One Woman Told The Truth About Her Life (Riese and Laneia, a must read)
-When Did You Know You Were a Lesbian? Shocking Stories of Self-Discovery in the Roundtable Part 2 (Carly, Intern Hot Laura, Intern Daphne, Stef, Robin, me, Intern Katrina, Tinkerbell, and reader/intern submitted tweets)
-When Did You Know You Were a Gaymo? Sweet Stories of Lesbian Awakenings: Part 3 (Alex, Intern Emily, Intern Lily, Brooke, Intern Jess, Crystal, and reader/intern submitted tweets)

Here is my gay-iversary paragraph from the Autostraddle post:
"So, my gay-iversary is probs Pride Weekend (last weekend in June for Chicago) because Pride Weekend 2006 is the first year I ever attended the festivities. I was like, eff it, hey guys, um, I’m going to the gay pride parade this weekend, who’s with me? Also I got a tattoo of rainbow stars that same weekend. And I met the first/only girl I’ve ever been in love with (obvs that didn’t work out)… Until then I was ‘processing’ and had only told like 2 friends that I thought I might be a big old queer (I didn’t know they had secretly already spilled the beans)…"

And here are my #wheniknew tweets (the ones that did and didn't make the Autostraddle cut):

@autostraddle #wheniknew or at least started to know was when I realized how many angelina jolie movies i owned/loved, even the bad ones ;)

@LOL_a @a_ex Oh yeah, Eliza Dushku in Bring It On was another big hint (I was a little dense, apparently, I needed a lot of hints...) ;)

Hackers 1995, Foxfire 1996, But I'm A Cheerleader 1999, Bring It On 2000 & I still didn't know until ~2002 that I preferred the ladies...

...and then I still didnt *fully* admit it to myself or anyone else until ~2006

Oh thats good RT @leXmarksthespot Clea Duvall putting that errant piece of hair behind her ear 90 times in but i'm a cheerleader #wheniknew

So yeah... any of you have any 'how I knew I might be a queer' stories? Also, since the publishing of those stories on Autostraddle, two more interns came out to their parents. SO... the pressure is on. Eeeek.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm an angel with an attitude and my favorite color's red

(this post was started on June 14th and finished August 20th. There was alcohol involved both times...)

Well. I have a beer. I've spent the day immersed in music and gay television. I am ready to start gushing (again) about The Ditty Bops. Yay Ditty Bops. Except I had this whole post worked out in my head last night and now I can't remember everything that I wanted to say. So, yeah. It'll all work out. Just stick with me.

I first heard of the Ditty Bops (comprised of Amanda Barrett and Abby Dewald) way back in 2004 when their first album came out and we had some of the songs as an in-store play at Barnes & Noble. Shortly after that I had the opportunity to 'see' them open for Tori Amos in the first rock concert at Millennium Park. I say that I went to 'see' them because during their set we were so far back on the lawn that we couldn't actually see the stage. But they sounded amazing. Soon they had a few cute videos out and a second album, Moon Over the Freeway, came out in 2006. They had a funky website ( with strangely elusive bios and such. But that was when they were with Warner Brothers. They aren't anymore. And we all know how *lovely* WB has been w/r/t their music videos being on YouTube. So sadly I cannot link you to any old stuff that isn't some kind of live performance. Also, the old site is no more. It reroutes to a new site with very little information on it. They have a MySpace and Facebook with music and newsletters, though. They are self-produced. They do awesome things like bicycle across country to lower tour emissions and make cute art out of recycled objects to auction off at shows. And they are fun and silly and don't take themselves too seriously. At least Amanda doesn't. Last night (at the Old Town School of Folk Music) she auctioned off her 'ugly art' starting with prices like $.19...

(that was the part from June)

Shift gears. I'm starting this post again. Amanda and Abby are married. They got married in the short window of time that it was legal in California last fall, but they've been together about 10 years. During the concert I saw in June Amanda told a cute story about growing up as a Ren Faire nerd and how Abby almost wouldn't go on their first date because it was at a Renaissance Faire and it wasn't her thing. Lucky for us they did go and it went well and so began their personal relationship. Their quirky musical performance career started shortly (a few years) thereafter. They are a fun mix of folk, jazz, swing, musical, western, acoustic. Their performances are part concert, part theatrical, with costumes, props, funny stories, and sometimes, a shadow puppet show. They play guitar, ukulele, mandolin, dulicimer, piano... and they sing beautiful harmonies. They are off the beaten track, but once you give them a listen, once you hear an interview or story, you'll be hooked. I'm going to try and show you guys a few good/fun videos AND I'll put up some fun pictures from photoshoots and such. Enjoy!

Shadow puppets!

Amanda is the tall redhead, Amanda is in the red shirt. This is one of my fav songs from them, Walk or Ride:

Fun live performance of Sister Kate with full band and period costumes:

One of my favorites of their new songs, Skinny Bones:

This is a little interview clip- they got a grammy nomination for their latest full length album (it’s eco friendly!)

And now, pictures!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello Pretty Lady

Ahoy there strangers and loyal reader peoples. It is I, queen slacker of the blogs. Tonight this bottle of wine and I are going to start making a dent in the list of posts I have been promising. I'm going to start simple though, with the pictures of Ana Fernandez.

Ana Fernandez was on the three seasons of the Spanish soap opera, Cuestion de Sexo, until it was (somewhat) recently canceled. She played Sofi, the daughter of the main couple. In the first two seasons she was 16/17 and apparently had a boyfriend/not a very big part overall. But in the third season she was 18 and came home from a summer/semester abroad with a secret girlfriend... Ana Fernandez is gorgeous, but because she is only 19 (20?) with a short resume, and because she is not from here, there aren't many good pictures of her on ye ole interwebs. So I gathered the few I could find and then I made some screencaps. I only made said screencaps from the first few episodes because it is actually sort of tedious and time consuming to make screencaps, but maybe I'll make some more in the future.

Here ya go!

These first few are some promo/red carpet type shots that I found. Eyeliner is a good thing...:

These are some screen caps from the first couple seasons that I found on a Spanish website (since I haven't watched any of those episodes):

And these are the caps that I made myself. The first few may be a tad out of order, but it's no big:

Sofi and Dani=adorbs. When they aren't fighting. Aw.