Thursday, November 12, 2009

Themeless Thursday!

Update on my post themes:
Music Monday
Meatless Monday
Trans Tuesday
Tegan & Sara Tuesday
Writing Wednesday
Themeless Thursday (anything goes!)
Fun & Fantastical Free-For-All Friday (anything HAPPY goes!)
Sapphic/Same-Sex Saturday/Sunday


And on this Themeless Thursday I am going to share a little poem that I wrote earlier. It's called:

For My Mutual Internet Crush (You Know Who You Are)

Do I have a
new @reply?
(Click refresh!)
Roald Dahl
and celesbians?
I love them too!
(Click refresh!)
140 witty,
sweet characters
never affected
my heart so.
(Click refresh!)
A hopeless romantic?!
There aren't enough
of us anymore.
(Click refresh!)
Pining at the
computer... like
I didn't waste
enough time
here already...
(Click refresh!)
Oh well ;)

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